The CPT Autopilot is a reliable, heavy duty, wheel pilot suitable for a wide range of sail and power boats.

CPT Autopilot installation photos
We learned how to use the pilot easily and are very impressed. We did our trial run across the dreaded Tuhuantepec. I used the remote control to navigate up a canal following a bar pilot. We had about every condition variation on the trip. Thanks soooooooo much for getting us on the program. It makes our other unit...seem like a toy.
—Westsail 40 owner, 2008
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CPT Autopilot Steering 120ft Pirate Ship!

CPT Autopilot Steers 120ft Pirate Ship!

New videos from customers

Several of our customers have sent in videos. Check them out on the testimonials page!

A great boat knife!

We are now selling the Boye Sheepsfoot Folder, a very unique knife with a cobalt-carbide blade—check it out!

Boye Sheepsfoot Folding Knife

Still steering by hand? Get the CPT!

The rugged CPT is a cost effective crew member that steers your vessel so that you can take your hands off the wheel, whether motoring or sailing. This cockpit wheel pilot is easy to install and operate.

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